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Dyeing & Finishing

Dyeing and Finishing

Dyefin currently processes 110 tons per week, of dyed fabrics on jet dyeing machines. Over the last 4 years we have invested in additional dyeing capacity, installing 14 new Theis I Master dyeing machines. The machines are controlled by the Setex Orgatex process control software. This has resulted in significant energy and water savings, and has reduced our reprocess levels to below 2%.

Chemicals and auxiliaries are dispensed using the Thies MPSL system. We also run a heat recovery plant that ensures no time or energy is wasted on heating cold water.

Specialized Dyeing processes

SPECTRA DYEING – This is a process whereby dye is sprayed onto the fabric giving a random “tie dyed“  effect. This is cost effective and is cheaper than printing. Examples of spectra dyeing are illustrated below.


The minimum dyelot size for spectra dyeing is 300Kgs and max dyelot size is 400Kgs.

Dyelot Sizes


Greige Kgs

Approx Finished Fabric metres

(but depends on width)

145g Single Jersey 96 Kgs 320 metres
242 Kgs 875 metres
387 Kgs 1400 metres
484 Kgs 1750 metres
726 Kgs 2625 metres
160g Single Jersey/ cotton Lycra 100Kgs 320 metres
255 Kgs 900 metres
400 Kgs 1410 metres
511 Kgs 1800 metres
765 Kgs 2695 metres
200g Fleece 80 Kgs 240 metres
250 Kgs 780 metres
400 Kgs 1248 metres
500 Kgs 1550 metres
750 Kgs 2325 metres

Shade Matching

New shades are quickly matched in our modern and well-equipped laboratory.

We use a Datacolour photospectrometer,  a Salce lab dispensing system, and have 5 Datacolour Ahiba lab dyeing machines.

It is always recommended that any request for lab matchings, should be accompanied by an A4 size sample of the shade to be matched. This makes it much easier for our lab technicians to take colour readings and to compare the lab dyeing with the master.


We have the capacity to finish 200tons of tubular knitted fabric per month.

Machinery consist of :

1 Bianco Wetstretcher

1 Santex Wetstretcher

1 Bruckner Dryer

1 Santex Tubular Compactor

1 Ferraro Tubular Compactor.


Our 2 wetstretchers are both fitted with the Bianco spirality correction device. Spirality in tubular fabrics was always a problem, especially with the lighter weight single jersey fabrics. This problem has now been completely eliminated.

With our current equipment, we achieve residual shrinkages that are well within the requirements of all the major retailers.

Open Width Finishing

In January 2019, Dyefin installed a third stenter, which has now eliminated any bottlenecks that we previously experienced with open width finishing.

Open width finishing machinery consists of:

1 Bruckner 6 chamber stenter

1 Ehwha 6 chamber stenter

1 Ehwha 5 chamber stenter

2 Bianco Compactors

1 Lafa Brushing Machine.

Maximum finished width of fabric is 2.2m and minimum width is 700mm.

We are able to offer brushing on fleeces and woven fabrics.

We also offer specialized finishes