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Our fabric printing division commenced operations in 2011 with the installation of a new Reggiani Rotary printing machine. This was after the amalgamation of Dyefin with the textile finishing division of Ninian and Lester. The core of the printing division’s staff previously worked for Ninian and Lester and therefore have extensive skills developed over a number of years in the industry. We are able to offer design services , screen engraving,  a strike off (pre production sample) service  and either rotary or digital printing.

Initially we were only offering pigment printing but after extensive investments in additional plant and machinery, are now able to offer Reactive printing, both rotary and digital.


Rotary Printing

Digital Printing

Design Services

Rotary Screen Printing is a process whereby ink is compressed through an engraved screen, directly onto the fabric. Each screen is used for a different colour. We have a Reggiani 6 colour printing machine.

Rotary printing is more economical for use in longer runs. We are able to print pigments or reactive inks. Both printing methods are suitable for printing on cotton knits or wovens, viscose or blends with spandex in both knitted or woven fabrics. Pigments can also be used for Poly Cotton fabrics where the polyester content is low.

In 2018 Dyefin installed a Reggiani Renoir Digital printing machine which is capable of printing at a speed of 100m per hour.

Digital printing is the latest computer technology available for textile printing and allows us to achieve 2 or 3 dimensional designs with very high definition.

We only offer digital printing in reactive inks directly onto fabric. This means that we can only print onto cotton and viscose and that after printing, the fabric needs to go through a steaming and Washing process. The result is a much softer handle, good print durability and much brighter and fuller shades.

The Dyefin Textiles Design department provides stock and bespoke design services for printing fabric.

Our Design Library has more than 2000 designs which indicate if screens are available. Clients need to register on-line and a password will be issued after verification.

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Contact Mala Naidoo Ext 203 for assistance

The design studio with 4 in-house textile designers to convert designs and make them practical for Digital and Rotary Printing using the latest Nedgraphics Design suite.


The advantages of Pigment compared to Reactive prints is as follows.



  1. More cost effective method of Rotary Printing
  2. Can be used on a variety of fabric types
  3. Special effects such as glitter, paste, Neon and discharge prints can be achieved


  1. Colour fastness on darker colours may not meet retailers wash fastness standards
  2. Depth of shade is limited
  3. Handle on high coat designs is not as soft as on Reactives




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We also offer other types of prints such as:


Glitter prints

White paste prints

Burn out prints

Dis-charge prints

Neon pigment prints

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